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Berita Harian – 20 January, 2012

‘ Tiada kata secantik peribahasa’

Synopsis of review :

The ‘Proverbs ….. Huh?’ series teaches values which are applicable to the children’s daily lives through interesting stories, based on simple proverbs. Young readers are also kept entertained by the colourful illustrations and animal characters which bring the stories alive.


The Sunday Times
– 26 February, 2012

‘Book of proverbs a family effort’

Rosalind shares with
The Sunday Times how her dream of writing illustrated books for kids has been fulfilled with the help of her husband and two children. The family also shares how they interact with each other and how conflicts are resolved when they arise.


Singapore’s Child – March 2012


My Paper

The ‘Proverbs ….. Huh?’ series, with its 5 titles, has been translated into Chinese and published in ‘My Paper’, the first bilingual newspaper in Singapore.

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